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A European Resource Centre SALTO on sustainable development

The SALTO resource centre (Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities) on sustainable development covers all sectors of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programmes. It contributes to tackling the challenge of climate change, in accordance with the European Green Deal.

What is the SALTO Green resource centre?

SALTO Green’s four persons team acts as a knowledge hub between policies and practices. It aims to continually improve the quality of education for sustainable development, increase eco-responsible behaviour and support the creation of new jobs and skills linked to the ecological transition.

SALTO Green reaches three different levels of stakeholders:

  • The staff of the 55 National Agencies in 33 countries, by building a common understanding of the Programme’s priority, by helping the National Agencies to analyse, evaluate and encourage eco-responsible practices and approaches in the projects
  • The Erasmus+ and ESC ecosystem by helping optimise the implementation, the monitoring and the monitoring of the green priority (environmental protection, sustainability and fight against climate change).
  • The beneficiaries by improving the quality and impacts of their projects and activities, highlighting good practices and helping them use low-carbon transports.

SALTO Green as part of an existing network

SALTO Green was launched the 1st of March 2023 and is hosted by the French Erasmus+ National Agency / Education and Training (Bordeaux). SALTO Green is part of a wider network of 10 other SALTO Resource Centres. The first one, SALTO Euromed, was created in 2000 and is hosted by the French Erasmus+ National Agency / Youth and Sport (Paris). It is dedicated to the Europe-Mediterranean cooperation in the youth sector.

The aim of this network is to improve the quality and impact of the Erasmus+ and ESC programmes by providing expertise, resources, information and training on the programme’s four priorities and/or on geographical areas, bringing together third countries associated and not associated with the programmes.


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