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Use of logos

European Commission logos: visual identity of European programmes

Beneficiaries of European Union (EU) funding are obliged to display the EU flag and specify that financial support has been received for related EU programmes in all their communication and promotional materials.

The European Union emblem (flag) must be displayed and the name of the European Union must appear in all written correspondence. The name of the Erasmus+ programme may appear alongside the flag. The preferred wording is as follows: “Co-funded by” or “With the support of”, followed by the wording “the European Union Erasmus+” programme next to the EU flag. Example: “Co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme” or “With the support of the European Union Erasmus+ programme”.

Agence Erasmus+ France / Education Formation logo

To avoid all confusion regarding corporate identity, Agence Erasmus+ France / Education Formation has a logo and thus retains its own identification when sending documents.

Its logo can be combined with the EU logo. It may only be used with restriction, in agreement with the EU, and within the framework of a partnership or agreement.
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